Retirement Mortgages

At Retirement Mortgages, our primary focus is solely on the provision of mortgages for pensioners.

Our Service

Our quality of service means everything to us and that is why we base our processes upon a simple, user-friendly and customer focused method.

From your very first point of contact with us, you will find us friendly, approachable and attentive. Everything that you discuss with us will be in total confidence and we can meet in your own home if this is your preference. Our recommendations will be based upon the whole of market and will be provided to you so that you can study and analyse them in your own time and at your own pace. We will never pressurise, bother you with repetitive phone calls or push you into making a decision. All of the details and quotations that we offer are done so on a totally no-obligation basis and always in accordance with the FCA.

Our products

We can help you with:

Retirement Mortgages
 Lifetime Mortgages
 Interest Only Mortgages

The staff at Retirement Mortgages know how to listen and understand each individual client’s needs and wants. The aim is always to provide you with a product that you want and that will suit you perfectly; we are not interested in pushing certain packages and will carry out a full search of the market.

As far as our retirement mortgage products are concerned, we can talk to you when you retire or, if you are planning ahead, we can help you to put down stable and practical plans to take you forward to your retirement date. Whether you are looking to downsize, release equity for yourself or maybe pass some money to your children, we can always help by identifying your needs and establishing the best product to suit you.

We understand you

Don’t ever feel nervous about communicating with us. You can phone, email us or contact us by post. If this creates difficulties for you, we can include family members in discussions, as long as we have your consent to do so. Some people like to have partners, spouses or loved ones on hand when they are making major decisions with regard to a new mortgage, and we understand this and will do all possible to accommodate.

Our initial meeting is always free of charge and comes complete with a no-obligation guarantee. We never focus on any particular lenders but have one goal in mind and that is to offer you the best product to suit your purposes and your retirement lifestyle. We can help you to plan budgets and to work out affordability calculations if you are unsure of your financial commitments going forward.

Get in touch now and talk with a retirement mortgage specialist that really cares. We are always on hand to offer advice, support and guidance.

Our simple 3 step advice process

  • 1

    We have a confidential meeting with you to discuss your situation, needs and requirements

  • 2

    We then compare your details against everything the market has to offer

  • 3

    Finally, we present our recommendation from all the leading mortgage companies


Equity release calculator

Use our calculator to see how much money you could release from your home with a lifetime mortgage.
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